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Photo credits:
Jack Redgate
Instagram ►https://www.instagram.com/redgate_production/
Pexel ►https://www.pexels.com/@jack-redgate-333633
Youtube► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7-s6JF7fXy2daAbJiRkqVQ

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It’s Not Right (Kriss Reeve Remix) – Whitney Houston [0:00]
Lonley (Chris Ultranova Remix) – Joel Corry [2:18]
Unbreakable (Billen Ted Remix) – TELYKast ft. Sam Gray [4:22]
Eyy (Extended Mix) – NEENOO [6:22]
Never Gonna Tell You (Extended Mix) – Hannah Wants [7:03]
Strobe (Kream Extended Remix) – Deadmau5 ft. Frank Ocean [9:46]
Thinking About You (Original Mix) – Galoski [12:29]
What’s Your Name (Extended Mix) – MorganJ & Nadia Gattas [13:31]
Pick You Up (Extended Mix) – Redondo & Tobtok ft. Penny F [16:39]
Somebody To Hold (Khrebto Remix) – Aspyer & Matluck [17:42]
Long Gone (Original Mix) – Gibson Parker [19:58]
Watch Me (Extended Mix) – Zookëper [20:58]
Better Together (OFFAIAH Remix) – Hayden James ft. Running Touch [23:56]
Favours (Cassian Remix) – Hayden James ft. Natt Dunn [27:55]
Calling For You (Extended Mix) – Bodalia & K.ZIA [29:20]
Faster (Redfield Remix) – Leon Lour [30:39]
Kryptonite (Extended Mix) – The MVI ft. Karra [31:43]
Only Gonna Hurt (Extended Mix) – Felon [34:38]
Tactus (Extended Mix) – Tim Hox ft. CILVR [37:59]
Reaching Out (Mark Maxwell Remix) – Dillon Francis ft. Bow Anderson [40:35]
Summer In Brooklyn (Sonickraft Remix) – Young Bombs & JORDY [41:55]
In The Middle (Extended Mix) – Alesso & SUMR CAMP [43:04]
It Gets Better (Kream Extended Remix) – Swedish House Mafia [45:48]


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