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Photo credits:
Tim Marshall
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Coffee (Give Me Something) (IFK Remix) – Tiësto & Vintage Culture [0:00]
Chemical Days (Extended Mix) – JLV [1:35]
No Need To Be Afraid (Nash Dante x Kehv Remix) – Anna Mia [4:26]
Nowhere To Go (JLZK Remix) – Hayden James & NAATIONS [8:21]
Drowning (Original Mix) – Briela & KDS [10:26]
Journey (Original Mix) – NUX & JLZK [11:28]
Losing Myself (Extended Mix) – Lipless [12:32]
Disposable Society (Original Mix) – WATEVA ft. manna [15:52]
July (Original Mix) – Kyle Watson ft. Elisha James [17:12]
Falling (Extended Mix) – Dani Fabrega [20:30]
I Want It All (Extended Mix) – Casper Cole & Elderbrook [21:50]
Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Original Mix) – SIDEPIECE [24:53]
Counter Human Emotion (Benson Remix) – Set Mo ft. Woodes [27:27]
Water (NotYourBusiness Remix) – KREAM ft. ZOHARA [29:17]
Deeper (Extended Mix) – Alok [30:48]
Always (Extended Mix) – Ben Nicky & Greg Downey ft. Christian Burns [32:36]
See You There (Extended Mix) – Alok & Bhaskar ft. MAGNUS [35:28]
Faded (FØNERA Remix) – ZHU [38:43]
All I Need (Extended Mix) – DJ Licious ft. Lucas Ariel [39:46]
Skyline (VIP Mix) – Kesh x Nevrmind [42:46]
Feed The Lie (Extended Mix) – DUMMiBEAR ft. Clovet May [45:41]
Vertigo (Cat Dealers Remix) – Duke & Jones [47:22]
Lunacy (Extended Mix) – JustLuke & WATEVA ft. Shira [49:28]
Love Like That (LAPPY Remix) – Kaskade x BYNON [52:22]
The Way You Get (Original Mix) – Daniyal Antonio [55:17]


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