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Photo credits:
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Tidal Wave (Original Mix) – Late Night Alumni & Mr. Tape [0:00]
Live My Life (Extended Mix) – Cazztek [1:25]
Up High (HANNS Remix) – HANNS ft. Lu [5:21]
In The Morning (Mahalo Remix) – ZHU [7:19]
Out Of My Head (Extended Mix) – Jack Wins x Many Few [8:53]
The Night (Original Mix) – Martin Trevy [11:36]
Need A Friend (Original Mix) – Calippo [13:00]
Break (Original Mix) – Sinatra [14:35]
Never Gonna Give You Up (Extended Mix) – SNBRN [17:09]
On My Mind (Original Mix) – Galowski [19:51]
Home (Original Mix) – Lewis Tala [21:32]
Let It Go (Original Mix) – DJ Vanstone [23:37]
Mind Games (Original Mix) – ROARS & MADDOW ft. John Michael Howell [27:13]
Show Me (Original Mix) – Dallien [27:46]
Get Back (Extended Mix) – Kuka & Banghook [30:22]
Stay Closer (Original Mix) – ZHU [32:55]
Don’t You Know (Original Mix) – Biscits [33:52]
How Do I Sleep Now (Extended Mix) – Dallerium [36:19]
At Night (Original Mix) – 3LAU & Shaun Frank ft. Grabbitz [38:41]
On My Mind (Original Mix) – Saint Misha ft. Dani Doucette [41:49]
Magnify (Sammy Porter Remix) – Sleepwalkrs x HUGEL ft. LPW [44:10]
Piano Talks – Just Lucas & Bashh [46:27]
In Your Eyes (Kyle Watson Bass Rub) – Kyle Watson ft. Marco G [48:04]
With You (Extended Mix) – Embody ft. Barnaby [50:05]
Hold Me (Original Mix) – PortRed & Leon Oak [53:54]
Bring Me To Life (MLTD Remix) – Evanescence [56:09]


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